Don Cardon

Chief Executive Officer Don Cardon and his team collaborate with leaders in the public and private sectors to create developments with a multidisciplinary perspective. One such example is CityScape, the singular vision of Don Cardon, who unveiled his strategic new concept for downtown Phoenix to community leaders in 2003. The projected $1.2 billion project is now an iconic and widely admired city landmark, serving as an example to other states on how to reinvigorate a community.

Today, CDG continues as a nimble, entrepreneurial force, committed to strength in partnerships and trailblazing developments that enrich the public good.

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Downtown Phoenix, reimagined. When Don Cardon stood before community leaders and unveiled his vision for what would become CityScape, it was one of the most audacious ideas ever proposed for downtown Phoenix. Ultimately, Cardon’s vision and leadership led to the …

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