About Us

For Cardon Development Group, realizing the unimaginable is what defines success. With the insight to consider the smallest details and the resources and relationships to overcome the biggest challenges, CDG possesses the experience, knowledge and expertise to turn improbable projects into brick-and-mortar realities.


CDG was founded in 2002 by Don Cardon, who previously served as Director of the Department of Commerce for the State of Arizona. His work in this role allowed him to further hone the collaborative development skills and relationship-building expertise that have enabled CDG to carve out an established niche as one of the most capable and creative developers in the industry.

With a team of professionals well versed in the legalities of public and private operations, CDG strives to create partnerships that blend the creativity of private initiatives with the assets and resources of public enterprise. Through leadership, strategic partnerships and a unique—even disruptive—methodology, CDG works to transform policy pursuits and find ways to not just get things done, but deliver pioneering developments previously considered unachievable.

Few firms are familiar with the economic and logistical complexities of a multi-disciplinary development that can alter the face of an entire city. Cardon Development Group’s ability to articulate a bold master plan, assemble the capital and financing relationships necessary through public-private partnerships to get the process off the ground, and deploy the technical capacity required to bring that vision to life is a true rarity.

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