Building an Airport from the Ground Up? That Job’s Almost Done in North Dakota

Airport construction is a constant in the United States. A recent report by Architectural Record says more than 50 airports are expected to combine for up to $70 billion in construction projects during the next three years, all to modernize aging facilities.

But ground-up airport construction? Building a new airport from scratch? That’s rare. It’s happening, though, here in the Midwest, just outside of the city of Williston in North Dakota.

Construction is nearly done on the new Williston Basin International Airport, whch will replace Sloulin Field, the outdated and aging airport that passengers now use to fly into the Williston area.

The new airport will open Oct. 10, providing a modern facility that visitors to this area haven’t experienced while flying into Sloulin. That airport, built in 1947, has long been outdated and has struggled to keep up with the increased air traffic to the area. The new facility will include two runways and a 110,000-square-foot terminal building. It will also feature a restaurant, bar and concession area, modern amenities that today’s air travelers expect.

Read the article in REjournals.

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