Sloulin Field Redevelopment

Currently serving as the Sloulin Field Regional Airport in Williston, this 900-acre site will be decommissioned in 2019 as a functioning airport, and it will be replaced by a new international airport, which CDG is overseeing at a cost of $265 million. As the new Williston Basin International Airport will be relocated to another site, the City of Williston conducted a national search for a private development partner.

Having been successfully engaged, CDG has been tasked to design and develop a new master plan for the entire Sloulin Field site once airport operations are concluded and the facility is decommissioned.

This substantially large site is proposed to include:

  • A new convention center and adjacent hotel
  • Single-family and multi-housing homes
  • A commercial office and industrial park
  • An array of advanced retail offerings
  • An interpretive center reflecting the Baaken Region
  • A new municipal golf course
  • A new outdoor amphitheater
  • An expansive technology park, and
  • A foreign trade zone

Ultimately, CDG will take the substantial acreage of airport land and transform it into a vibrant mixed-use development intended to reshape not only the commercial viability of Williston, but an expansion and execution of its visionary aspirations as well. Towards this end, Cardon Advisors  – a subsidiary of Cardon Development Group – has also been engaged by the City of Williston to advance a 10-year Strategic Economic Development Plan.


05.11.18 | Unveiling of Master Plan for Sloulin Field Redevelopment

03.02.17 | Public starts to weigh in on Sloulin Field redevelopment

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